Boatmanship certification

Boatmanship certification

If you need a boater certification after completing a boating safety course, then you have to follow some procedure. You may have a new boat for business or other personal uses like fishing and joyriding. If so, then to operate in the massive waters you need to meet some criteria to ensure individual and additional user security. Here are some guidelines on what you have to do to get a boatmanship certification.

1) Visit the public safety and drivers department in your country.

2) There is an application form to fill and then make payment for the application fee

3) Present a written certificate of boating course that you completed, or a valid united states power squadrons if in the U.S

4) Present your examination certificate to the public safety driver’s license examining office department in your country. The license examiner would also need your identifications. These involve original or copies and certified; birth certificate, marriage license, certified records of school for juveniles, social security card for minors and non- residents, passport, driver’s license or foreign papers.

5) If not applying for the boater safety certification and not automobile drivers license, learners license or non -driver identification renewal then you must pay for the boaters safety certificate fee.

6) If you possess an automobile drivers license, your boater safety certification will appear as a �V’ on the automobile license. If you don’t own any, then you are issued with a vessel only license which acts as a proof for your certification.

These simple steps will allow you to own a boatmanship certification which will enable you to sail freely. With the accreditation at hand, some issues prompt which still are under boatmanship certification. Here are some areas you need to be informed with as you possess the boatmanship certification.

– In case you need to renew your boatmanship certificate. The certificate just as any other license is prone to expire. To replace it you need to be conversant with the duration of validity at your home country. In many states its Four years. The renewal process is easy except in cases of revocation or cancellation.

– In cases of revocation, cancellation or suspension. If your certificate is either revoked, canceled or suspended, and there was a case of driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, you will have to pay fifty dollars reinstatement fee as you also have to meet other requirements depending on your cause of revocation, suspension or cancellation. As much as one has the boatmanship certification, there are rules and regulations to adhere to while at sea.

– Damaged, destroyed or lost certification. With proof of identity and a valid operational period, then you can receive a duplicate of your certificate at no extra fee. If its lost or destroyed or even damaged,
there is no need to worry provided that you meet the requirements. If the validity time is over, then your certification case will be handled as a renewal case.

With all that boatmanship certification is guaranteed and a success.