Getting Your Boatmanship Certificate

Boatmanship Certification

Different places have various laws pertaining to Boatmanship Certification requirements. Boatmanship Certification is compulsory in almost all regions. However, acquiring this certificate is easy and very affordable. In order to obtain a Boatmanship Certification, one must take and pass certain boater education courses.

Operating a boat requires certain safety equipment as well as the operator having certification. Life jackets, fire extinguishers, anchors, waste disposal, lights and a distress signal are all normal requirements of boat operation. It is illegal to take a watercraft out on the water without it having all of the requirements met, among others.

The operator of a watercraft must be at least 16 years of age or older and have his or her boater’s license. No boat rental company may legally rent a watercraft out to an underage or non-licensed operator. Operators must be able to provide proof of Boatmanship Certification in order to operate any watercraft that is powered by the horsepower of ten or more.

There are many course types available for one to obtain a boater’s license, including classroom courses and online courses. Thousands of websites are available to help find both classroom and online courses that fit into busy schedules and lifestyles alike. Most often boating education courses cost little if nothing at all and can be completed in as little as 72 hours.

In order to obtain this type of certification, one must take and complete a 72-hour course on boat education, rules, and safety laws. These courses help the watercraft operator learn safety on board as well as laws pertaining to the water and how to operate most watercraft. After completing the entire course, one must take and pass a final exam, upon passing they are given certification and a boater’s license.

Boating can be relaxing and a lot of fun as long as everyone on board practices safety and knows how to get help if and when the need arises. Seeing the ocean is absolutely amazing but many things can happen if proper education and requirements are not met. Many consequences can turn a great experience into a learning experience if a watercraft operator is caught without proper certification.

Seeing the open water and sailing the high seas can be fun for the whole family, but can also be very dangerous. That is why many locations require at least the operator of a watercraft that is powered by at least ten or more horsepower to have the proper certification and to be able to show proof of 72 hours of boater education. Quick and quite simple to obtain, getting a license to boat costs little to no money and is good for up to a year in most locations.

Having a good time is what boating is all about, staying safe is what helps to keep getting on a boat fun. Thousands of accidents happen due to people not following certain requirements while on boats. It is the best idea to have the proper education and to follow all safety measures to ensure a great boating experience everyone will remember.